Board Meeting Minutes, 31 March 2014

Board Meeting: Friday, 31 March 2014

Location: H. T. Harvey & Associates

3:30 – 5:00 PM

Board members present: Darren Mierau, Becky Price-Hall, Jill Demers, Sharon Kramer

Quorum present: Yes

Absent: Frank Shaughnessy, Susan Schlosser


• Approval of meeting minutes (August 2013, January 2014, February 2014)

• Inundation map roll out for Humboldt Bay Sea Level Rise (SLR) project

• 1 pager/ fund raising letter

• List of active HBI members and additional board members

• Financial committee report (update on bookkeeping)

• EPA wetland grant


August 2013 meeting minutes were accepted (moved, seconded and all voted in favor). January meeting minutes edited, moved to accept (with amendments), seconded, and all voted in favor. February 2014 meeting minutes moved to accept, seconded and all voted in favor. CEINC needs to decide our level of review prior to the inundation maps prepared by Jeff Anderson of Northern Hydrology being released. Becky attended the last Adaptation Planning Work Group (APWG) review meeting, and the group seems supportive of the maps going out to the public. CEINC doesn’t have a policy on review and dissemination, logo policy etc. Jeff is working on the white paper supporting the mapping effort. Compliance our contract is important, and scientifically there should also be a review. ACTION: Jill will check contract and see what is required within the contracts (both with Jeff Anderson and Harbor District). Next meeting of the APWG will be April 23, and Jill or Darren will attend. The APWP core team (Dan Berman (Harbor District), Aldaron Laird, Hank Seeman (County) should understand what the CEI board is expecting. ACTION ITEM: Jill will see if they are available on April 18 for CEI board meeting. The CEI board needs to work on our policies, like CEI participation on steering committees and notifications for meetings. ACTION ITEM: Jill will send email out with contracts to the board.

What does CEI want:

1) Attribution to CEI, final report from contractors to CEINC.

2) Review of draft reports/graphics before going public/final.

3) Information on project review protocols

ACTION: Jill can work out a matrix of milestones based on the contract dates, to give us a timeline and schedule for drafts to CEI etc. Jill to put info on the shared drive.