Board Meeting Minutes, 6 June 2014

Coastal Ecosystems Institute of Northern California

Board Minutes Meeting: 6 June 2014

Board members present: Darren Mierau, Jill Demers, Frank Shaughnessy, Becky Price-Hall, and Sharon Kramer.  Susan Schlosser (by phone)

Quorum present: Yes

Absent: N/A



1:00        Board Recruitment update – Sharon

1:05        Web Design & Enews

1:25        Upcoming Grant Applications

1. OPC LCP Sea Level Rise – due July 7th

2. Climate Ready Grant – Due August 22nd

1:40        HBI

2:55        Announcements, Updates, and Activities since last Board Meeting

2:55        June 20 Board meeting

1. Date: current date June 20, 2014, 1 – 3 pm

2. Agenda – Climate Ready Grant, Aldaron and Jeff

2:55        Set Action Items



New Board Member Invitation Update: Our first candidate responded that she was too busy and suggested another name. Sharon reached out via email, but no response was given.  Darren still needs to ask his contact. Becky will follow up with another potential candidate to gauge interest.

Web design and enews:  Jill provided a handout describing the site map. Discussed several of the pages, paying special attention to the resources page and Susan’s Humboldt Bay Library. Becky discussed legal issues associated with putting documents online; restricted use gets around that issue.  May be best if the website described the option of contacting CEINC or SeaGrant staff to copy the database.

“About us” page should be transparent about CEI as a group, governance documents, Board pictures/bios.  The Board was in agreement with providing pictures (face) and short bio for the website.  Jill will update the website content/page document between now and the next board meeting.

Upcoming grant applications (2): 1) Climate ready grant due August 22, and  2) OPC/LCP [Ocean Protection Council/Local Coastal Plan] SLR grant, which funds modeling and science but CEI cannot apply only an entity that can implement a LCP can apply. This is due July 7.  This grant is coming up fast, and seems pretty unlikely for CEI to participate.  We need to bring Jeff Anderson and Aldaron Laird in now to talk about future coordination so we don’t miss grant opportunities.  ACTION ITEM: Jill to invite Aldaron and Jeff to the next CEI Board meeting or one soon thereafter.

HBI: Becky and Jill discussed Jill taking over HBI meeting coordination through December 2014.  She is trying to set up a system so that volunteers can take over if we cannot secure any future funding.  The website will help.  Becky noted the steering committee hasn’t met in over a year.  Becky prepared a document based on some feedback from people on this issue.  Becky asked the CEINC Board to review her document – then she can make it a proposal for HBI steering committee, to better define the relationship between CEI and HBI, and the structural evolution and organization of HBI.  Becky emailed it to the board but she will send again, she wants feedback before the next HBI steering committee meeting.

Jill suggested that the CEI Board attend more HBI meetings.  One way to do this is to schedule CEI Board meetings with HBI meetings.  One hour of CEI board meeting business followed by HBI meeting was suggested.

It was suggested that the HBI Steering Committee could potentially meet in July, and could be a joint meeting with CEINC board.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Rescheduled the CEI Board meeting to either Thursday July 24 or Friday July 25, either before or after with HBI climate change meeting.  10-12 for HBI climate change meeting, 12-2 for CEI board meeting.  Frank noted he will not be able to attend the 20 June board meeting.

Meeting adjourned 2:05 PM

Minutes taken and submitted by Sharon Kramer, Secretary.