Fiscal Sponsorship & Administrative Services

CEINC can provide fiscal sponsorship & administrative services for collaborative projects throughout California’s north coast that aim to advance communication, collaboration, and conservation through applied science and promoting ecosystem-based management. CEINC’s fiscally sponsored projects are an integral part of CEINC and aid us in meeting our mission of promoting and interpreting coastal ecosystem science. CEINC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and therefore may receive charitable donations and grants on behalf of our fiscally sponsored projects. We maintain the necessary legal and financial infrastructure for all project activities and provide administrative project management and other services such as partner building and meeting facilitation. Our services enhance collaboration and allow project leaders to focus on ensuring vibrant and resilient coastal ecosystems and communities through applied coastal ecosystem science.

Peer Review

We believe strong coastal ecosystem science is imperative for strong coastal communities. Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more qualified individuals working within the same or similar fields of study. Peer review is an important part of the scientific process, but often only occurs when a study is published in a scientific journal. A tremendous amount of research and monitoring data exists as informally published reports or white papers, often called “grey literature,” and these documents are often used by managers and policy makers to inform decisions about coastal ecosystems. At CEINC, we want to ensure that the science that impacts the health and resiliency of coastal communities meets a standard of quality and received the credibility provided by peer review. Please contact us to discuss a review of your study’s methods, results, or draft report.

Access to Grey Literature

Grey literature may be difficult find and is often not widely accessible because it is not commercially published and is rarely indexed by academic or commercial scientific citation databases. However, grey literature is an important source of information for researchers, land managers, and policy makers to identify data gaps, focus research questions, and inform decisions about coastal ecosystems. In the Humboldt Bay, former HBI Coordinator Susan Schlosser compiled and maintained the Humboldt Bay Reference Library, an EndNote database of over 2,000 references. This reference library is available upon request as an EndNote or Zotero database. Please contact Dr. Joe Tyburczy, California Sea Grant Extension () or HBI Coordinator Jill Demers () for more information or to receive a copy of the database. Looking for grey literature outside of Humboldt Bay? Please contact us to see if we can help.

Facilitation & Coordination

Ecosystem-based management is a management approach that recognized the whole ecosystem, including humans, rather than managing one issue or resource in isolation. Through our meeting facilitation and coordination services, CEINC can help develop an integrated and coordinated resource management framework that links the needs of people, habitats and species by increasing scientific understanding of ecosystems and by promoting community-wide collaboration to ensure a healthy future for Humboldt Bay’s natural and human communities. Please contact us to see if we can help.